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CBM always responds to our needs.

“CBM ALWAYS responds to our needs, be it normal day to day requirements and especially emergency conditions.  We can always clean up an error on paper, but it’s the kind of quick response and outstanding service that CBM brings to our mill that far overshadows any paperwork error.”


CBM Worked through the weekend for me.

“CBM was the outfit that straightened out the Drum Drive Base over a weekend last fall.   I felt that they treated us fair on cost and did not overcharge us even though we were in a bind.  Also, I dealt with capable and competent people and knew that the job would be done right.”


Quick Response

“We really appreciate your professionalism and quick response to quote.  This helps us provide our customers answers when they need them!”

- Theresa


Thank You

“Thanks to all at CBM.  All of you deserve credit for going beyond normal expectations and responsibilities to get us out of a jam…………again.”

- Johnny


CBM Precision Parts

CBM Precision Parts is the industry leader in Large parts machining and fabrication. Call us today and let our team be a problem solver for you.


CBM Precision Parts

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